Task Timing Controls – Time Tracking

By | December 1, 2016


Login into www.markteqmws.com with your account. Follow below steps:
1. Click on blue wms logo icon at the middle bottom of page.
2. A menu will popup on your screen, click on Task icon. It will open sub menu, click on “Tasks” in sub menu.
3. In View Task screen select you will see four tabs and filter section. First tab “Today’s Task” will default display your task for current date.
In the task box you will see 9 different icons. First three icons are time tracking control for the ease of understanding icons are similar to “Play”, “Pause” & “Stop” here we will consider it as “Start”, “Pause”, “Stop”

Time tracking logs multiple time, when you click on Start it will log the timestamp when you start the task, in case you want to hold/pause the timer you can click “Pause” button so it will hold counting working time on respective task.

On completion of the task you will have to click on “Stop” button to stop the time counting and mark task as completed.

You can see time logs by clicking on task subject, it will open up Task details popup on screen where at the left bottom you can see multiple time logs of the work.


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